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  • RECELL REPAIR Premium Lotion

RECELL REPAIR Premium Lotion

  • Brand: R-cell
  • Product Code: RC-02
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  • $72.00

Volume: 120 ml

Manufacturer: RECELL REPAIR

Active ingredients: extract from blood, placenta and umbilical cord extract, arbutin, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, sake extract.

Effect: rejuvenates, moisturizes and relieves skin irritation.

Manufacturer's recommendations: for age care, apply to mature skin.

What is special about RECELL REPAIR Premium Lotion with blood?

RECELL REPAIR lotion does not contain any unnecessary components. The three basic active ingredients and components of anti-age therapy give a quick effect on the skin. Provides nutrition and regeneration of skin cells.

The extract from the blood is deproteinized, which means that it is sterile and 100% safe. In the manufacture of serum healthy animals (horses and pigs) are used, grown in Japan and received a Specific Pathogen Free health certificate. Contains no silicones and fats.

Is RECELL REPAIR Premium Lotion with blood effective?

RECELL REPAIR Lotion with blood from Japan is effective for revitalization and cell regeneration. The blood extract accelerates the healing and repair of cells, accelerates the metabolism, and effectively increases resistance to UV rays. Traces of inflammation heal better and faster. The blood extract also stops the processes of cell oxidation, the main cause of cell aging, as if giving its vital energy (in fact, biological signals and proteins) to the cells of your skin. Fullerene cleans the skin. Vitamin C reduces pigmentation, hyaluronic acid provides multi-level skin hydration, and plant extracts and sake extract soften and soothe the skin.

The invention of Swiss scientists can treat a number of human diseases, such as anemia, with the help of an extract from the blood of horses. And preparations from the pig's placenta have long been successfully used to treat liver diseases, dermatitis, as well as diseases associated with the female cycle. However, these ingredients, as well as umbilical cord extract, are rarely used in cosmetics because of the high cost of the components.

How to properly use RECELL REPAIR Premium Lotion Lotion with blood?

RECELL REPAIR Lotion from Japan is recommended for use for mature skin and for anti-aging care. Use lotion in the morning and in the evening on dry clean skin. Apply the amount of walnut size on a cotton pad, carefully wipe the face, neck and decollete area along the massage lines. If, after applying, lightly massage the face with patting movements, the warmth of the heated skin will enhance the effectiveness of the lotion.

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