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Non-Heated Placenta Face Essence from Japan by Asahi Labo

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Is placenta beneficial for the skin?

Placenta forms in the uterus during pregnancy and performs many different functions. It connects the bodies of mother and her future baby, provides vitamins, proteins and enzymes, supplies oxygen, removes toxins from the baby’s body and serves as a protective barrier. Adding placenta to your daily skin care provides the following effects:

  • accelerates skin healing and cell regeneration by the growth factors,
  • increases collagen synthesis,
  • smooths small wrinkles,
  • reduces irritation and improves acne,
  • repairs damages, including post-acne, burns and bruises,
  • evens the complexion and lightens pigmentation,
  • deeply moisturizes, lifts and firms the skin.

Why should I choose Non-Heated Placenta Face Essence from Japan by Asahi Labo?

Non-Heated Placenta Face Essence by Asahi Labo is made of horse placenta. The horses are being thoroughly cared at spacious farm in Kyrgyzstan, the placenta of healthy animals is collected and frozen within 3 hours after delivery. Then placenta is transported in frozen state to Japan, where it gets defrosted slowly, without adding heat at any stage of the processing. While this method is more complicated and expensive than traditional steaming, it allows to preserve the maximum of the vital nutrients found in placenta.

How to use Non-Heated Placenta Face Essence from Japan by Asahi Labo?

Prepare the skin with your usual tonic or lotion, then take a walnut-size amount of the essence and gently spread it all over the face. If you use cream, milk or gel product, apply them after the face essence.

100 ml bottle.

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