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  • MENARD Authent Mask

MENARD Authent Mask

  • Brand: Menard
  • Product Code: MEN-02
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  • $69.00

Package: for one application 40 gr + 28 gr.

Manufacturer: MENARD

Active ingredients: a complex of plant extracts.

Effect: improved skin flower, tightening facial contours, general rejuvenation.

Manufacturer's recommendations: apply at evening once a week for 15 minutes.

What is the feature of MENARD Authent Mask?

The Menard mask takes into account features in the structure and texture of the skin of the zones of the neck, decollete and face. The active components of the mask adapt to the needs of the skin during application and have a targeted effect of rejuvenation and healing, which is necessary for your skin. Besides, the mask gives you a luxury SPA feeling with aroma of natural musk, roses, violets and orange tree flowers. 

Is the MENARD Authent Mask effective?

The face mask provides deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Plant extracts of Rosa Alba, pommegranate seeds, purple barley and bamboo fungus nourish, calm and moisture the skin, moreover, they have a strong antioxidant effect. Mask by Menard effectively restarts cell metabolism, literally breathing new life into the skin at the cellular level. The mask is especially effective for anti-aging procedures. Moreover, it works according to the principle “the worse, the better” - the worse the skin condition, the better it will be after the use of a menard authentic mask.

How to use MENARD Authent Mask correctly?

Double Menard face mask consists of two segments. It is recommended to use it no more than once a week, applying for evening care for 15 minutes. Before applying, be sure to remove the protective film applied on both sides of the impregnated fabric. Apply on dry clean skin. First, apply the mask on the neck, then on the face - when applying, gently straighten the fabric to get a full and effective skin wrap and moisturize.

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