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  • MENARD Authent Eau de Parfum

MENARD Authent Eau de Parfum

  • Brand: Menard
  • Product Code: MEN-04
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  • $231.00

Volume: 50 ml.

Manufacturer: MENARD

Active ingredients: natural plant extracts

Effect: promotes the production of the hormone of happiness..

Manufacturer recommendations: apply to skin near the pulse spots, such as inner wrists, inner elbows, cleavage.

Pleasant, soothing and at the same time enchanting fragrance from the famous Japanese manufacturer of cosmetics Menard. According to the manufacturer data, this product contributes to the production of the happiness hormone, oxytocin, because the components that make up the perfume water trigger chemical reactions, giving the brain signals of feelings of joy and peace. The peerfume is created together with famous French peerfume material maker, Charabot, growing plants and herbs for flavours in Grass since 1799. Natural scents of rose, violet and orange tree flowers are combined with rich natural musk oil.

Please note that natural plants oils and extracts are weak to the direct sunlight. Store in cool dark place. When using perfume, apply to the skin near pulse spot but to the psots hidden from the sun. Avoid using on the clothes. Since natural musk oil is much stronger than popular synthetic analogs, very small amount of MENARD Authent Eau de Parfum will be enough. 

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