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POLA cosmetics starting kit

  • Brand: Pola
  • Product Code: POL-05
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  • $159.00

Volume: Cleansing Cream 20 g, Face Wash 20 g, Lotion 20 ml, Milk 15 ml

Manufacturer: POLA

Active ingredients: a complex of plant extracts, peptides from silk cocoons, polysaccharides, antioxidants.

Effect: moisturizes, nourishes the skin, making it more toned. Anti-aging effect.

Manufacturer recommendations: test base set.

What is the peculiarity of cosmetics POLA B.A?

The brand of cosmetics Pola is one of the famous brands of the luxury segment in Japan. The company produces not only cosmetics but also medicines, actively using pharmacological developments in its cosmetics. The company works within its own concept of the Genesis of Beauty, which involves the achievement of natural beauty with the help natural ingredients and regular care.

Is POLA B.A cosmetics effective?

POLA revitalizing cosmetics from Japan effectively rejuvenates, protects and moisturizes the skin from the inside. The composition of the cream includes a whole set of active biological components that help the skin cope with stress, maintain elasticity, beauty and youth. Herbal complexes impart deep hydration and elasticity of the skin, peptide extracts from silk cocoons thicken the skin and restore the deeper layers of the dermis, and the innovative antioxidant complex prevents aging of the skin, stopping the oxidation processes at the cellular level.

How to use the POLA B.A test kit correctly?

Pola line for the face recommends using together - cleansing cream, facial cleanser, lotion, milk, cream. It is recommended to apply with light movements, as if pressing it easily into the face, and easily rubbing it over the entire surface.

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