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  • POLA B.A Wash N


  • Brand: Pola
  • Product Code: POL-02
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  • $125.00

Volume: 100 gr.

Manufacturer: POLA

Active ingredients: lipid washing base, ceramides.

Effect: Deeply cleanses and softens the skin.

Manufacturer's recommendations: for effective moisturizing and skin recovery, the manufacturer recommends the combined use of the cream, lotion and foam of this series.

What is so interesting about POLA B.A Wash N facial wash?

Pola is one of the famous cosmetic brands of the luxury segment in Japan. The company produces not only cosmetics but also medicines, actively using pharmacological developments in its cosmetics. The company works within its own concept of the Genesis of Beauty, which involves the achievement of natural beauty with the help of natural ingredients and regular care. The foam has a rich dense texture, it is very easy to bubble, does not require the use of a mesh. Softens the skin and moisturizes it more effectively than other brands of face washes.

Is POLA B.A Wash N Foam Cleanser Effective?

Pola face foam from Japan contains a ceramide complex and active lipids that help protect the skin from drying out and destruction. Researches showed that the level of skin hydration after using this foam without using any additional moisturizers is reduced by only 10%. For other manufacturers, the level decreased for twenty, thirty or more percent. These qualities of the foam ensure the preservation of the barrier functions of the skin and the maintenance of its healthy color good condition.

How to use POLA B.A Wash N facial wash?

Pola foam is soaped by hands, no need to use a foam net. It is possible to use the standard for washing, or apply for a short time with a thick foam layer on the entire face to form a mask.

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