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  • MENARD Illuneige Cream

MENARD Illuneige Cream

  • Brand: Menard
  • Product Code: MEN-11
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Volume: 30 gr.

Manufacturer: MENARD

Active ingredients: collagen, squalane, elastin, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts (luffa, lily, jiaogulan, primula, jojoba, agave).

Effect: deep moisturizing, nourishes the skin, eliminates dryness and flakes. Without silicones.

Manufacturer's recommendations: combine with lotion and emulsion of the same series for even more effective result. Use for night care. Recommended for dry and very dry skin.

What is so special about MENARD Illuneige Cream?

Menard cream represents the line of Menard Illuneige, which is more than 35 years old. This line is an age-friendly treatment for tight, elastic, filled from the inside and radiant skin. The basis of Illuneige line was an anti-aging complex including collagen, as well as elastin and hyaluronic acid for deep multi-level moisturizing of all layers of the skin. Over time, the composition of the series was modified and supplemented with a number of plant extracts. So, luffa extract enhances the effect of hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, and fermented agave extract protects skin collagen of all types from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and enhances the lifting effect. Menard face cream with revitalizing effect deeply moisturizes, tightens the skin and fills it from the inside.

Is MENARD Illuneige Cream Effective?

Menard Revitalizing Cream from Japan contains a range of components that provide deep hydration, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. Squalane, collagen and elastin promote deep and effective moisturizing, and hyaluronic acid retains moisture inside the skin. The cream combined with other products of the line eliminates fine wrinkles, tightens the skin, provides the lifting effect. Improves complexion and fills the skin with health from the inside even more effectively. Menard night face cream effectively improves face complexion, making the skin healthier and more toned.

How to use MENARD Illuneige Cream?

Night cream by Menard is better to use after the lotion and emulsion of the same series. The manufacturer recommends applying it with gentle massage movements until the cream is completely absorbed. Such massage not only revitalizes and moisturizes the skin more effectively, but also protects it from daily stress. Recommended for use from 30 years, but there are no strict age limits.

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