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  • MENARD Embellir Night Cream

MENARD Embellir Night Cream

  • Brand: Menard
  • Product Code: MEN-05
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $359.00

Volume: 35 gr.

Manufacturer: MENARD

Active ingredients: plant extracts, moisturizing ingredients (collagen, elastin), complex polysaccharide

Effect: effective rejuvenation and healing of the skin

Manufacturer's recommendations: recommended for night care.

What is so special about MENARD Embellir Night Cream?

Menard cream supports the youth of the skin and its tone. The complex of polysaccharides normalizes the functioning of cells. Emblellir Line is a real work of art, strict and luxury design, innovative components selected by professionals. And, of course, a reliable effect of proven luxury cosmetics with a half-century history.

Is MENARD Embellir Night Cream effective?

Cream Menard effectively provides night care due to the effects on the skin at the cellular level. Polysaccharides streamline the work of the cells, remove slags and clean the membranes from active oxygen, one of the main causes of skin aging. Two species of lingzhi mushrooms help to defeat inflammations and to increase cell's immunity, thus, helping the skin to deal with stresses. 

How to use MENARD Embellir Night Cream correctly?

Menard cream is recommended as a night care.

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