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  • MENARD Embellir Eye Cream

MENARD Embellir Eye Cream

  • Brand: Menard
  • Product Code: MEN-08
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  • $269.00

Volume: 20 gr.

Manufacturer: MENARD

Active ingredients: polysaccharides from lingzhi mushrooms, lady's mantle extract, moisturizing ingredients.

Effect: tightening the contours of the eyelids, "opening" the eyelids. Anti-aging care.

Manufacturer's recommendations: use for the care of the skin around the eyes since 30 years.

What is main feature of MENARD Embellir Eye Cream?

Cream around the eyes by Menard has a thick and very rich texture, but it is absorbed easily and does not cause discomfort, providing hydration for a long time. This cream activates the work of the cells of the circular eye muscles, which is actually responsible for the condition of the skin around the eyes. With age, it loses its tone and gradually becomes more flabby. This cream helps to restore the tone of the circular muscle, while at the same time effectively cleansing it of free radicals.

Is MENARD Embellir Eye Cream effective?

Menard Eye Cream from Japan contains a specially processed lady's mantle leaf extract that helps stimulate and effectively clean the cellular areas around the eyes from free radicals. The complex of polysaccharides from lingzhi mushrooms normalizes the work of the cell, performing the function of immunomodulation at the cellular level. The cells under the influence of encapsulated extracts tend to return to their ideal state, as a result, the processes of rejuvenation and cell regeneration are launched.

How to use MENARD Embellir Eye Cream?

Menard cream can be applied at mornings and evenings. Use a spatula that comes in the kit. The manufacturer recommends using it to care for the skin around the eyes from the age of 30.

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