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  • AMARANTH HQ-C Fulla Serum for Dark Spots

AMARANTH HQ-C Fulla Serum for Dark Spots

  • Brand: Amaranth
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Volume: 11 gr.

Manufacturer: AMARANTH

Active ingredients: Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, fullerene. Without parabens, surfactants, alcohol, dyes.

Effect: lightening of pigment spots of the skin and creating the effect of transparent light skin.

Recommendations: use daily, be sure to combine with sunscreen. Better to use with antioxidant serum.

What is AMARANTH HQ-C Fulla Serum Serum fro Dark Spots?

AMARANTH pigmentation serum is a proven and certified remedy for so-called skin photoaging. AMARANTH serum has a proven therapeutic effect on age spots and has the effect of increasing the transparency of the skin. This product was developed by the cosmetology clinic Hiroo Prime Dermatology, which has been manufacturing medical cosmetics for the Japanese market for over 14 years. Without exception, all products of AMARANTH cosmetics undergo not only quality checks, but also clinical trials in specialized areas. Serum includes not only vitamin C, which inhibits the synthesis of melanin, it also uses micro doses of fullerene, an antioxidant substance, for the synthesis of which the Nobel Prize was awarded in 1996.

How to use AMARANTH pigment spots serum from Japan?

Due to the high cost and high efficiency, AMARANTH serum from Japan is recommended, first of all, for point application. Of course, application to the whole face is also possible. It is recommended to use serum in the evening. When conducting regular application, be sure to combine this serum with sunscreen at daytime. In case you want to get a stable effect on AMARANTH serum, we recommend applying it daily during the course of a month. In addition, you can use this serum for the area around the eyes, for very delicate skin.

What are the effects of AMARANTH serum pigment spots from Japan?

The medical effects of AMARANTH serum from Japan are observed during the first month of use. Pigment spots become much brighter, their borders gradually blur, and zones of small pigmentation in most cases simply disappear.

What is the composition of AMARANTH serum from Japan?

This serum contains the following substances: Glycerin, PG, water, petrolatum, behenyl alcohol, hydroquinone, ascorbic acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, fullerene, glyceryl stearate, soybean oil, BG, carrot extract, tocopherol, PV

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