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  • AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum

AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum

  • Brand: Amaranth
  • Product Code: AM-05
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  • $125.00

Volume: 30 ml.

Manufacturer: AMARANTH

Active ingredients: Squalane, dimethylaminoethanol, hyaluronic acid, alpha-lipoic acid, carnosine, vitamin B3 complex, retinol and macadamia nut oil. Does not contain alcohol, silicones and flavors.

Effect: express lifting, general rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, improving skin smoothness.

Recommendations: apply within 2-3 weeks for optimal effect. Express effect lasts for 12-24 hours.

What is AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum Pull Up Serum from Japan?

This serum is famous in Japan for its express lifting effect, actually instantly tightening the skin of the face. The tightening AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum serum contains in its composition the superconcentration of Dimethylaminoethanol, which is used in Japan in beauty injections. High dosage gives the effect of smooth muscles of the face, as a result of a chain of chemical interactions, the stated lifting effect is achieved. Given that a noticeable effect is achieved on the first day, the manufacturer recommends applying this serum for 2-3 weeks. After all, it is important not only to enforce the one-time effect, but to fix it fundamentally.

Is AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum pull up serum from Japan effective?

This serum contains a complex of biologically active substances, which, interacting at the molecular level, have a strong tightening effect on the skin and muscles of the face. Dimethylaminoethanol smoothes the skin by acting on the cellular level and causing the muscles to contract. It also has the effect of binding free radicals and general cleansing of the skin. Carnosine, which is also contained in this AMARANTH serum, effectively prevents aging of the skin and provides rejuvenation at the cellular level. The remaining active ingredients provide deep hydration and moisture retention, revitalization and skin recovery in a fairly short time.

How to apply AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum from Japan?

Apply on face with gentle massage movements on the forehead, cheeks, around the lips and around the nose. It is also recommended to perform a general facial massage with light movements to achieve the maximum lifting effect.

What is the complete composition of AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum from Japan?

The structure of this serum include the following substances and active ingredients: water, glycerin, squalane, BG, dimethylethanolamine tartrate, carnosine, polyacrylamide, hydrogenated polyisobutene, atsetilgialyuronat Na, succinoyl atelocollagen, thioctic acid, tocopherol, retinol palmitate, niacinamide, shea oil, orange oil , (dimethicone / vinyldimethicone), transverse polymer, dimethicone, laureth-7, hydrogenated castor oil PEG-60, 1,2-hexanediol, phenoxyethanol.

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