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  • ES301 R-Cell Solution GF-01

ES301 R-Cell Solution GF-01

  • Brand: ES301
  • Product Code: ES-08
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Volume: 20 ml

Manufacturer: ES301

Active ingredients: five types of peptides, hyaluronic acid.

Effect: revitalizes the skin, tightens and tightens.

Manufacturer's recommendations: it is intended for aging skin. Can be used around the eyes and lips.

What is different about serum with peptides by ES301 R-Cell?

ES301 peptide serum is designed for professional care of aging skin. Serum contains nanoparticles produced by the patented technology. Therefore, peptides penetrate the skin as deeply as possible, and the serum itself can be used for beauty devices. This serum tightens the skin, reduces pores, makes the face  look more rested, supports a healthy complexion. Suitable for areas with thin skin, such as around the eyes and lips.

Is the serum with ES301 R-Cell peptides effective?

This anti-wrinkle serum peptides from Japan contains a set of active substances that help maintain and rejuvenate the skin. Several species of peptides used in serum have a low molecular weight. Thus, they are able to penetrate deep into the structure of the skin. That's why serum with peptides effectively corrects problems and impairments in the functioning of dermal tissues. Due to the effects of peptides, the skin begins to produce its own collagen and elastin, and hyaluronic acid contributes to their long and effective retention in the skin.

How to use ES301 R-Cell serum with peptides?

Serum with peptides should be applied directly to a clean, dry skin. Can be applied to areas with thin skin. It is also possible to mix 1-3 drops of serum with a lotion or cream. Suitable for everyday care.

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