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  • ES301 R-Cell EGF serum

ES301 R-Cell EGF serum

  • Brand: ES301
  • Product Code: ES-07
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  • $115.00

Volume: 20 ml

Manufacturer: ES301

Active ingredients: fullerene, nanocollagen, ceramides and egf, hyaluronic acid.

Effect: moisturizes, rejuvenates, revitalizes the skin, effective against wrinkles and loss of elasticity

Manufacturer recommendations: designed for dry skin and anti-aging care.

What is the feature of ES301 R-Cell EGF serum?

ES301 EGF Serum is specially made for those who are exposed to daily stress. Serum contains fullerene, a substance for the development of which  the Nobel Prizewas awarded. It cleanses the skin cells, removing free radicals and pollution factors. Serum consists only of the active components, does not contain ballast ingredients. You only pay for efficiency and proven results.

Is ES301 R-Cell EGF Serum Effective?

This anti-wrinkle Serum from Japan contains a set of active substances that help support and rejuvenate the skin. Nano-collagen and hyaluronic acid help effectively preserve and retain moisture in the skin. Fullerene effectively cleans the skin. Ceramides and epidermal growth factor rejuvenate and promote revitalization and cellular regeneration of the dermis. Nano-liposomal capsules deliver the active substances directly into the deeper layers of the skin.

How to use ES301 R-Cell EGF serum correctly?

ES301 serum should be applied directly to clean, dry skin. You can also mix 1-3 drops of serum with a lotion or cream. Suitable for those whose life is full of stress and tension.

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