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Cosmedica Extra Moisturising Cream 18 g

  • Brand: Cosmedica
  • Product Code: CMD-1
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  • $35.00

The company's products are designed Kosmedika doctors to normalize cellular metabolism and restore the structure of cell tissues. Production Kosmedika brand in Japan uses only natural products, marine collagen and purified sea water taken from great depths

Express moisturizer for very dry skin developed by medical professionals. This cream gives the maximum possible using natural ingredients moisturizing effect. Cream uses a part of the active ingredient Rise Power # 11, a set of plant extracts that provide effective moisturizing skin. This component returns the strength and health of the skin, helps her cope with stress and fatigue. This is the only component that is officially approved by the Ministry of Health in the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes

How to use: one dose of cream (about a pea) applied to the problem area massage movements

The active components of the composition: Rise Power Complex 11, purified sea water, rice extract


Для сухой возрастной кожи очень подходит

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