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Pearl skin samples for 2 days.

  • Brand: Pearl-Hada
  • Product Code: PRL-08
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  • $17.80

Manufacturer: WSJ, Japan.

Volume / packing: 2 packs of 1 ml X 4 types. Wash basin, lotion, serum, milk.

Active ingredients: pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, salmon proteoglycans, seaweed extract, marine fish collagen, salmon roe peptides (Sea placenta), vitamin E.

How to use: use in order: face wash - lotion - serum - milk. Twice a day. Course for three days.

Precautionary measures: avoid components in the eyes, do not apply, if there are sores or cuts on the skin, keep out of reach of children, avoid sunlight.

In this cosmetics, there are virtually no harmful ballast substances. The composition includes a special type of marine peptides, SOP which received the deserved name of the marine placenta, because it gives similar effects with greater efficiency and susceptibility of the skin. Pearl extract moisturizes better than collagen (amino acid compounds have a smaller molecular size, better penetrating the skin and moisturizing it)

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