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  • Recell Care Oil

Recell Care Oil

  • Brand: Recell Care
  • Product Code: RCC-04
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  • $99.00

Volume: 10 ml.

Manufacturer: Recell Care

Active ingredients: Extract of Japanese Indigo, five natural vegetable oils from Japan, squalane, ceramides.

Effect: Removes toxins and increases metabolism, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Manufacturer recommendations: Hypoalergenic. Suitable as for morning, as for evening care. 1 press at a time. Good for delicate skin. For inflamed and problem skin.

What is the feature of Recell Care oil?

Recell Care oil, as well as the entire series, is built primarily on the functions and therapeutic effects of Japanese indigo extract. This plant is widely known for its pleasant blue color (the color of the packaging of the Recell Care series), and at the same time it is widely used in traditional medicine. Indigo removes toxins from the body and increases the body temperature due to increased metabolism. When used in cosmetics, this substance cleanses the skin cells, simultaneously increasing the metabolic rate and making the detox effect even more visible. The substance is actively used in the famous beauty clinic for celebrities Takano Yuri https://www.takanoyuri.com/adgallery/ and is used in elite beauty salons in big cities, where these problems are particularly wide-spread. The extract makes the skin smooth, silky and pleasant. Suitable for anti-aging care, especially at the first signs of aging. Contains five extracts of natural oils produced in Japan (only natural and high-quality raw materials), as well as ceramides for nourishing cells and squalane for deep hydration of the dermis.

Is Recell Care Oil Effective?

Recell Care oil from Japan will contain a whole range of substances that provide luxurious and unique care. Squalane provides deep hydration of the skin, contributes to the development of its own collagen. Ceramides nourish the skin, ensuring its healthy color and tight face contour. Five types of vegetable oil, mixed in a certain proportion according to Vita Oil-1's special patented technology, provide hydration, healing of micro-wounds, soothe and soften inflammation and skin irritation. They help fight skin stress.

How to use oil by Recell Care?

Recell Care Oil can be used every day. Oil is hypoallergenic and monitoring showed no allergic reactions. Suitable for both morning and evening care. Use it as a fourth step in the series: serum - emulsion - cream - oil. Just one pressing of the dispenser is enough.

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