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  • POLA White Shot Skin Protector DX

POLA White Shot Skin Protector DX

  • Brand: Pola
  • Product Code: POL-08
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Volume: 45 g.

Manufacturer: POLA

Active ingredients: Rucinol, Vitamin C, ginger extract

Effect: lightening of age spots, skin lightening, UV protection, make up base. SPF50+, PA++++.

Manufacturer recommendations: apply in the morning, hypoallergenic. May be used as make up base. 

What is so special about POLA White Shot Skin Protector DX pigmentation serum?

Pola serum contains two popular and very effective components for skin whitening - vitamin C and rucinol. The rucinol blocks the biological process of the formation of melanin itself, resolving the existing pigment spots and preventing the formation of new spots on the skin. The skin acquires a natural, even and healthy color. Nevertheless, POLA White Shot CXS isn't aggressive, thus, it can be used on the whole face including the areas with thin skin. The serum does not cause allergies and, due to its effectiveness, for years stays in the top of the bestsellers of Japanese remedies for skin whitening and pigmentation.

Is POLA White Shot Skin Protector DX  Pigmentation Serum Effective?

Pigmentation serum by Pola from Japan contains rucinol, which effectively blocks tyrosinase - a special enzyme that is responsible for producing melatonin. That's why the pigment spots effectively disappear, and new ones in their place do not appear. Vitamin C, tranexamic acid and plant extracts enhance this skin whitening effect, as well as restore it from UV exposure to consolidate the existing effect.

New formula also made this serum an effective ssunscreen with SPF50+ and PA++++. 

How to use POLA White Shot Skin Protector DX serum from Japan?

Pola pigmentation serum is designed for two months of use. The manufacturer recommends to apply serum from pigmentation Pola twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In daytime please use together with UV block. 

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