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  • Platinum Eye Cream Forlled

Platinum Eye Cream Forlled

  • Brand: FORLLE’D
  • Product Code: 2-FR10
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  • $236.00

Helps restore youth and easily vulnerable most affected by age-related changes the skin around the eyes, reducing pigmentation, preventing edema, significantly moisturizing and giving tone the skin.

Laboratory scientists Forlled using modern high-tech developments size of platinum particles Hyalogy Platinum was reduced to 0.2 nanometers.

Small size allows platinum easily react with water, forming colloidal not, and the aqueous (!) Was dissolved. This solution is more natural for the skin cells while water particles reacted with the metal, have a similar charge to the particles of platinum, thus dramatically increasing its penetrating ability and antioxidant properties.

Platinum Eye Cream Forlled supplemented by universal geroprotectors - carnosine, an antioxidant, antiglikatsionnym agent, chelator of heavy metals, and neuro stressoprotektorom. Carnosine increases the removal of damaged proteins, which prevents age-related decline in the ability to regenerate tissue and delay aging fibroblasts.

The composition of Platinum Eye Cream, in addition to components affecting the pathogenetic reaction aging introduced systems that improve the appearance and quality of the skin:

• Biomimetic peptides

• white willow bark extract, hydrolyzed prunes

• Escin

• Ruskrgenin

 This combination of ingredients provides deep regeneration and restoration of skin structure at all levels.

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Package details: 9 g.


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