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  • PIELIQUE Enrich Cream

PIELIQUE Enrich Cream

  • Brand: PIELIQUE
  • Product Code: PLQ-04
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  • $109.00

Volume: 30 gr.

Manufacturer: Pielique

Active ingredients: Mycosporin-like amino acids (MAAs), hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, squalane, jojoba oil.

Effect: protection from photo-aging, protection from ultraviolet radiation, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It has a lamellar “smart” structure to moisturize the skin.

Manufacturer recommendations: Suitable for any skin type but especially good for dry and dehydrated skin. There are no age restrictions.

What is special about PIELIQUE Enrich Cream from photo-aging?

Face cream by Pielique belongs to the group of the lamellar cosmetics. Such cosmetics have a lipid basis, which makes possible a deeper "smart" moisturizing. It adapts to the structure and peculiarities of the skin surface, and due to the special structure, lipids are not perceived by the skin as foreign substance. That's why it becomes possible to deeply moisturize to the deepest layers of the dermis. Mycosporine-like amino acids - the latest development of Japanese scientists - protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation of all types and stop the process of photoaging. In addition, these amino acids increase the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Collagen moisturizes the skin, and elastin nourishes and fills it with health and elasticity. The composition of the face cream has the effect of antioxidant, in other words, the cream cleanses the skin from pollutants. Can be used on any skin type. Herbal extracts soothe and relieve irritation, so this line is suitable even for very sensitive skin. In contrast to the standard sun blocks, it does not injure the skin.

What researches have been done to develop PIELIQUE Enrich Cream for photo aging?

Skinxia Research Institute has developed and studied the safety and efficacy of using Mycosporin-like amino acids for deep moisturizing of the skin and its protection from ultraviolet radiation. This active substance is extracted from sea blue-green algae, and the process of its production is very laborious and requires a lot of financial and time costs. But the result justifies itself. The active substance has a scanty molecular weight and easily penetrates the layers of the skin. The extract of blue-green algae is not only a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from all types of ultraviolet radiation. But it also supports the formation of collagen in the skin, reducing the amount of which leads to irreparable damage to the skin that causes ultraviolet radiation. These amino acids not only effectively protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and aging caused by it, but also contribute to the deep moisturizing of the skin at the expense of its own resources. According to the manufacturer's research, the production of hyaluronic acid at the cellular level is activated for three days and the level of its generation differs from the standard (normative observation for subjects) by 2-3 times after applying the active substance.

Is PIELIQUE Enrich Cream effective for photo-aging?

Pielique face cream works effectively in three areas. MAAs amino acids effectively protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, increasing its natural resistance and working as a biological sunscreen. They also effectively compensate for the loss of collagen, and its presence is the main factor preventing photo-aging. That is, you do not struggle with the consequences, but eliminate the cause of photo-aging. Collagen and hyaluronic acid effectively moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out. This effect is complemented by the action of active amino acids, which enhance the production of hyaluronic acid in the cells themselves, thus, moisture comes from the inside and outside. Elastin purposefully nourishes the skin and makes it more healthy, elastic, gives it a pleasant healthy color.

How to use cream PIELIQUE Enrich Cream?

The cream fights with poto aging, but does not protect against sunburn! In daytime, please use additional SPF products. Basic care of the series suggests the following order of application: lotion - serum - emulsion - cream.

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