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  • RAISE Perfect One Cream

RAISE Perfect One Cream

  • Brand: Raise
  • Product Code: RZ-02
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Volume: 50 gr.

Manufacturer: RAISE

Active ingredients: peptides, placenta, coenzyme, ceramides, vitamin C, alpha-arbutin, hyaluronic acid.

Effect: Anti-aging therapy. It tightens the skin, removes pores, revitalize and regenerates the skin.

Manufacturer's recommendations: helps the skin to quickly recover from stress, tanning, peelings, etc. Can be used for the skin around the eyes. Designed for use as a night cream.

What is different about of RAISE Perfect One Cream anti-aging cream with peptides?

RAISE cream helps to quickly and effectively fight the signs of age. The cream is very pleasant, has a dense texture, but it is quickly absorbed, leaving no film and discomfort on the skin. The cream removes fine wrinkles in a short time, the contours of the face become more toned up, the complexion becomes lighter and filled with life. The cream contains the placenta and peptides, showing all sorts of rejuvenation effects. RAISE gel is a cosmeceutical preparation, that is, cosmetics with the highest possible content of active substances with therapeutic and medical effects.

Is RAISE Perfect One Cream anti-aging peptide effective?

RAISE cream with peptides and placenta is effective, first of all, to deal with age-related skin changes. Especially the cream is effective at the first signs of aging. Peptides and placenta stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by skin cells due to a special signaling system. Alpha-arbutin prevents the production of melanin, stopping excessive pigmentation and normalizing the production of skin pigments. The placenta has a general rejuvenating effect, tightens and firms the skin.

How to use RAISE Perfect One Cream anti-aging cream with peptides?

RAISE cream from Japan is suitable for thin skin, including the skin around the eyes. It should be used as a night cream. There are no strict age prescriptions, but we recommend starting the application of the cream not before the first signs of aging appear. RAISE Perfect One Cream with peptides can be effectively used for skin restoring therapy. When applied correctly, the result appears in 5-7 days. The full cycle of skin renewal takes 4-5 weeks.

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