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  • Pearl Face Cream EGF Extra 45 gr.

Pearl Face Cream EGF Extra 45 gr.

  • Brand: Pearl-Hada
  • Product Code: PRL-07
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  • $239.00

Manufacturer: WSJ, Japan.

Volume / packing: 45 gr.

Active ingredients: Damask rose oil, fullerene, nano-encapsulated ceramides, pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, salmon proteoglycans, seaweed extract, marine fish collagen, salmon roe peptides (Sea Placenta), vitamin E.

How to use: Spatula apply a small amount of cream on the hand and warm well, then apply on face. After applying the cream, massage face with gentle light patting movements.

Precautionary measures: avoid components in the eyes, do not apply, if there are sores or cuts on the skin, keep out of reach of children, avoid sunlight.

What are the special features of Pearl Skin Face Cream with EGF and Akoya Pearls?

The cream provides deep, high-quality moisturizing and is well absorbed. It has a pleasant rich texture and makes your skin soft and velvety. The composition includes a special type of marine peptides, the SOP which received the well-deserved name of the marine placenta, since it gives similar effects with greater efficacy and susceptibility of the skin. Pearl extract moisturizes better than collagen (amino acid compounds have a smaller molecular size, better penetrating the skin and moisturizing it).

For a relaxing effect in the cream used extract of Damascus rose, a valuable substance one kilogram of which is obtained from 5 tons of raw materials. Also present in the composition is fullerene, a natural antioxidant with a detox effect, which, like a sponge, absorbs harmful and foreign substances, cleansing the skin at a deep level. For the synthesis of this substance in the late 1990s, the Nobel Prize was awarded

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