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  • Mikimoto Peel off Pack 80 gr.

Mikimoto Peel off Pack 80 gr.

  • Brand: Mikimoto
  • Product Code: MKM-02
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  • $108.00

Manufacturer: Mikimoto

Volume / Package: 80 gr.

Active ingredients: seaweed extract, amino acids from pearls, pearl collagen from akoya shells. Without dyes and flavors. Hypoallergenic.

The tool effectively cleanses the skin and exfoliates old skin cells. Due to the special composition, peeling mask Mikimoto effectively increases skin metabolism, contributing to its revitalization and healing at the expense of internal resources. The tool not only effectively cleanses the skin, it also has a number of additional effects. In the peeling mask of Mikimoto lies the strength of the sea itself. Algae make your skin more elastic, collagen from akoya shells moisturizes and helps retain moisture in the skin, and the amino acids from pearls give the skin a healthy color, as if it glows from the inside.

How to use Mikimoto mask: Apply gently to the entire face, avoiding contact with the hair, eyes and mouth. After drying, gently remove the film, starting from the chin. For one application, an amount the size of a small cherry is required. Separate several times when applied. When the mask dries it becomes transparent. Try to remove the film entirely, without tearing apart.

Precautionary measures: to keep in the dry cool place out of reach of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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