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LNC Whitening tonic

  • Brand: JBP
  • Product Code: 1-LNTL
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  • $54.00

What is LNC Whitening tonic

LNC Tonic Lotion is an easy tonic and moisturizer for day care of the skin. Lotion-tonic LNC levels the complexion, helps fight redness, inflammation and pigmentation. It includes a natural extract of the placenta of high purity, extracts of mountain alpine grasses and snowdrops, vitamin C.


How to use LNC Whitening tonic

Method of application: Apply in the morning on a clean dry skin with your hands or using a cotton ball. When the next application of other products, wait until the lotion dries. LNC Tonic lotion quickly absorbs and penetrates deep layers of even rough and hardened skin. The effect of a more even complexion and smartness manifests itself very quickly. 120 ml.

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