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  • LNC Whitening soap

LNC Whitening soap

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What is  LNC Whitening soap

 LNC Whitening soap in Lnc cosmetics series from Japan is fundamentally different from the analogues in the cosmetic market. This soft cleanser consists of 50% of the moisturizing and skin care components, and 50% of the particles that whiten the skin and purify it of fat and dead cells. Please note: this product is not intended to remove makeup! Its goal is deeper purification of epidermal cells, care, whitening and stimulation of cell renewal. The most delicate structure allows you to beat soap foam of unusual airiness. We recommend this remedy for age skin, since it does not dry the skin and contains rejuvenating ingredients such as placenta extract and ceramide 3.

How to use  LNC Whitening soap

Method of use: use after removing makeup. Beat in a lather with a little water. Apply the foam on the face, do not rub the skin with your hands, but gently massage the massage lines with a foam pad. Rinse with warm water. This means for washing does not contain harmful surfactants (SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate and other derivatives of laurylsulfuric acid), artificial colors and preservatives. Light and unobtrusive aroma LNC bleaching soap gives natural purified geranium oil. Suitable for sensitive, dry, problem and mature skin. 100 gr. Buy lnc whitening coap online at our store.

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