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LNC Sunscreen lotion

  • Brand: JBP
  • Product Code: 1-LNSP
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  • $43.90

What is special about  LNC Sunscreen lotion

 LNC Sunscreen lotion has a sunscreen factor SPF50 + from short-wave UV-B rays and has the highest possible degree of protection against UV-A rays, PA ++++. This sanblok does not use chemical methods of protection from the sun. Sunscreen LNC lotion is resistant to water and sweat, does not leave a sticky feel, quickly absorbed. Can be used for both face and body.

How to use LNC Sunscreen lotion

LNC Sunscreen Lotion contains a natural extract of the placenta of high purity, it cares for the skin and protects it. Apply the required amount of lotion after the remedies before applying makeup. Shake well before use. Do not forget to update the layer of lotion in accordance with the phototype of your skin! 40 ml.

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