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LNC Moisturizing lotion

  • Brand: JBP
  • Product Code: 1-LNSP
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What is LNC Moisturizing lotion

LNC Moisturizing lotion works in two directions: highly active moisturizing components penetrate deep into the skin, and the restoring elements help to strengthen its natural ability to retain moisture and regenerate. Lotion contains a natural extract of a high-purity placenta, pomegranate extract, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, squalene, peptides and ceramides. Its soft, jelly-like texture is surprisingly easily absorbed and does not leave a feeling of stickiness and grease.

How to use LNC Moisturizing lotion

Method of application: Apply morning or evening on clean, dry skin with hands or using a cotton ball. With LNC Diamond Essence, a moisturizing lotion should be applied after absorbing the essence. LNC moisturizing lotion replenishes the lack of water in the skin, smooths out fine wrinkles, helps to cope with inflammation and redness. Suitable for all skin types. 120 ml.

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