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LNC Diaserum

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What is LNC Diaserum?

LNC Diaserum (diamond) serum was developed as a means of long-term anti-aging therapy. It not only smoothes fine wrinkles and restores the elasticity of the skin. This serum was conceived as a means of increasing your skin's capabilities, not a short-term remedy that provides only a superficial effect, but a beautiful, healthy skin in 5 and 10 years.

What is Lnc Diaserum composition?

The composition of the LNC diamond serum includes a natural extract of a high-purity placenta, vitamin C, raffinose (plant polysaccharide with a firming and moisturizing effect), arbutin, arginine, oatmeal husk extract and many other useful elements.

How to use Lnc Diaserum?

Method of application: Apply in the morning or evening on a clean dry skin with your hands, when used together with tonics or lotions - after absorbing the tonic. For a single point application to the facial wrinkles and the area around the eyes, it is enough to press the dispenser 1 step. For application on the whole face, we recommend 2-3 presses on the dispenser. 35 ml. You can buy LNC Diaserum online at best price in our shop!

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