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  • LA MENTE Plaquinon Cream 30 g

LA MENTE Plaquinon Cream 30 g

  • Brand: La Mente
  • Product Code: LM2-09
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  • $74.20

LA MENTE Plaquinon Cream includes the strongest in the anti-aging active ingredients. It gives your skin really extraordinary anti-aging effect!

This luxury cream improves the quality of the skin, removes wrinkles, restores mature skin beauty and freshness, improves the delivery of nutrients to the deep layers of the skin. This was made possible eith the help of nanotechnology, through which all the active components of the cream are enclosed in tiny capsules liposomes (special microscopic nanocapsules). The size of the liposomes is thousands of times smaller than cells of the epidermis, this allows to implement the most productive natural active components of the cream in the deeper layers of skin. They consist of an enveloping the inner membrane and the cavity filled with active components (included in the cream composition), which requires the skin. Liposomes give the active ingredients to the skin cells and its deserted shell strengthens the intercellular space. As a result LA MENTE Plaquinon Cream  has an effect which is superior in quality the most of the known methods of input active natural components through the cream base. Nanocapsules (liposomes) hold active ingredients and vitamins, carry them accurately to the target and release them only where it is necessary for a signal from the cell. The cream improves skin elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles significantly, moisturizes and nourishes it. 

Method of using: On cleansed of makeup face, apply a moisturizing lotion or essence, then a small amount of cream, light massaging movements spread over the surface of the skin. Morning and evening.

Ingredients: Coenzyme, hyaluron, wandering rice (sake), Oligopeptide, Pentapeptide thermal water, placenta, squalene oil, macadamia oil, rose oil, avocado oil, arginine, an extract of fermenting soybeans.

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