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  • Kracie Wrinkle MedCream 30 gr

Kracie Wrinkle MedCream 30 gr

  • Brand: Kracie
  • Product Code: AO-166
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  • $17.20

Concern Kracie operates under the motto "more healthy and full life!". Concern works in the field of cosmetics and facial 1936. During this time, accumulated a unique technology in the field of cosmetology, and know-how allow you to sell high-tech products at low prices. Safety and ease of use is what distinguishes these products from analog to price group

Unique moisturizing cream with royal jelly and modified hyaluronic acid-3 at the same time helps you to cope with dry skin, as well as solve the problem of excessive pigmentation by regulating metabolism

Cream enhances the effect of suppressing the growth of melanin, it contains vitamin C in microgranules, which penetrate into the porous structure of the skin and prevent the enhanced fermentation. This cream is not aggressive and contains potentially allergenic components and is well suited for delicate and sensitive skin

How to use: Apply to clean, dry skin, rub gentle massaging movements

Active ingredients of retinol, hyaluronic acid, purified water, Japanese tea extract, royal jelly extract, vitamin C


32 года, кожа смешанная, чувствительная. Купила на пробу крем от первых морщинок, справляется хорошо, кожа вокруг глаз увлажненная, глаза не режет.

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