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  • Face mask with gold KINKA 24K Gold Mask

Face mask with gold KINKA 24K Gold Mask

  • Brand: Kinka
  • Product Code: KK01
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  • $52.00

Face mask with gold KINKA 24K

Package: 1 mask.

Manufacturer: Hakuichi Kinka

Active ingredients: 99.99% pure gold (24K standard)

Effect: deep penetration of moisturizing components into the skin, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, increased blood circulation, accelerated regeneration and renewal of the skin

Manufacturer Recommendations: Use with moisturizing lotion or serum.

What is special about KINKA 24K Gold Mask?

KINKA 24K Gold Mask does not contain any additional components, only pure gold of the highest quality. Salon procedures with gold of similar quality are incomparably more expensive, from 300-400 dollars for 1 procedure. KINKA 24K Gold Mask is profitable and easy to use at home. The mask has the ability to repeatedly enhance the penetration of active components into the skin, so be sure to use it together with lotion or serum to enhance their effect.

Is KINKA 24K Gold Mask from Japan effective?

Despite the fact that gold has been used for cosmetic procedures since the time of Cleopatra, only in the 2010s, scientists began to study in detail the effect of gold particles on human skin. Gold salts block the release of a molecule that causes inflammation outside the cell. Depending on the size of the gold particles in nanometers, they are able to penetrate both the dermis and epidermis, and even the deeper layers of the skin. Colloidal gold, the patent for which was obtained in Japan, penetrates the keratin layer of the skin. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic effects. Moreover, pure gold enhances blood circulation, accelerates the process of cellular renewal and regeneration, reduces the formation of age spots. The Japanese KINKA 24K Gold Mask Gold Face Mask also promotes deep penetration of other components into the skin. Therefore, using it together with serum or lotion greatly enhances the work of the latter.

In addition, pure gold is completely harmless to the human body and does not have any side effects: even if you eat a sheet of gold, it, of course, will not be absorbed in, but it will pass through and exit without causing the slightest damage.

How to use a KINKA 24K Gold Mask?

Apply dense texture lotion or oily serum to clean skin. Take the mask with clean, dry hands, apply it to your face. With gentle hand pressure, go through all areas of the face to ensure a snug fit of the mask. Then separate the paper base, a thin sheet of gold will remain on your face. After 10-20 minutes, apply lotion or serum on the palms of your hands and massage the gold into the skin with massage movements until completely dissolved. Do not remove the sheets of gold! Upon completion of the procedure, we recommend using milk or cream to fix the gold particles in the skin.

Please note: people allergic to gold or metal should never use KINKA cosmetics.

What is the complete composition of the KINKA 24K Gold Mask from Japan?

99.99% pure gold (24K standard).

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