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  • Hyalogy Platinum lotion 120ml

Hyalogy Platinum lotion 120ml

  • Brand: FORLLE’D
  • Product Code: 2-FR08
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  • $145.00

High-tech product, which is composed of three biotech industry.

At the heart of the drug - platinum complex, which includes a low-molecular ionized platinum, patented by Forlle'd. The unique action of platinum is neutralization of all types of active oxygen, and - strengthening the actions of other antioxidants! The complex also includes a special ferrite magnet, made of germanium, silver and copper, which prevents oxidation, improves the penetration of the active ingredients ensures deep penetration of the platinum. Furthermore, this enhances the enzymatic complex processes, which prevents evaporation and creates storage in the deep layers of the skin.

Complex based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 7 amino skin provides polysaccharides that are essential for functional recovery of the dermal matrix. Biomembranes peptides, also a part of this complex, strengthen the regulatory function of the skin, promote cell regeneration, increase the protective function of the skin.

The complex is based on extracts of Aloe Barbadensis, chlorella and kudzu, activates metabolic and immune processes in the skin. The extract of Chlorella stimulates metabolism in the cells, enhancing the moisturizing process and stabilizing the ionic balance. Aloe extract effectively protects against oxidants and repairs the damage caused by them. The combination of aloe and kudzu has excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

When used with other lotion cosmetics, in particular with sera, their effectiveness is greatly increased.

Hyalogy Platinum Lotion provides the skin strong antioxidant effects, along with moisturizing deep layers of the skin. Hyalogy Platinum Lotion Application radically solves the problem of sagging and hyperpigmentation of the skin, and also reduces the porosity reduces the tendency to the formation of blackheads and inflammatory elements.

The product is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. The product is particularly recommended for atonic skin, in the presence of hyperpigmentation problems, and also for oily and oily problem skin.

Active ingredients: Ionized platinum, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed egg-shell membrane, hydrolyzed pearl protein, ceramides-3, extract of aloe leaves Barbados, hloreppy extract, kudzu root extract vane, hydrolyzate of pulp of Californian prunes, ionized complex micro- and macronutrients, amino acid complex , arbutin, vitamin E.

Can be used both as an independent means, and in combination with any of the sera Forlle'd.

Through the use of lotion Hyalogy Platinum efficiency effects of other drugs Forlle'd repeatedly increases. 

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Для жирной проблемной кожи отлично.

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