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  • Hyalogy Lift cream 50g

Hyalogy Lift cream 50g

  • Brand: FORLLE’D
  • Product Code: 2-FR01
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  • $363.00

Forlle'd - the market leader in the global beauty industry, combining the latest advances in science and luxury, officially announces the launch of a new exclusive collection of products for mature skin Lift.

Opens a line of the same name cream Lift cream with a 3D effect of rejuvenation.

In contrast to the basic lines of the brand Hyalogy Forlle'd Lift formula supplemented with new natural ingredients that have intensified innovation in the field of nanotechnology, primarily aimed at creating instant lifting effect.

The successful symbiosis of nature and science for the first time without injections Lift cream technology allows 3D skin rejuvenation.

METHODS 3D Skin Rejuvenation FORLLE'D based on:

creating a hydrophilic film on the level of the stratum corneum, which provides instant lifting, adjusting oval face.

Extracts of almonds and oats, crosslinked polymers xanthan gum, an extract of Saccharomyces in combination with patented innovative complex is created on the skin moisture-retaining film, which provides a framework and instant skin lifting reduced turgor, forming a clear oval face.

deep hydration and subsequent start of regenerative processes at the level of the dermis, improving skin elasticity.

The world's only patented formula nanomolecules hyaluronic acid Hyalogy, confirmed the Nobel Prize in 2002, penetrates below the level of the basement membrane, promoting deep moisturizing and stimulation of the cells of the dermal matrix;

Low molecular weight peptides acetyl decapeptide-3, caproyl tetrapeptide-3 interacts with the cells of fibroblastic series, promote the production of collagen, elastin help activate cell metabolism, regenerative processes in the dermal matrix, increasing skin turgor.

Protection from excessive moisture loss, and as a result, dehydration of the skin to the epidermis level

Chondroitin sulfate, conchiolin, trehalose, ceramides, hydrolyzed biomembrane EMP enhance the level of moisture in the horny layer of the epidermis, preventing dehydration of the skin and restores its natural hydro-lipid mantle.

Result 3D Skin Rejuvenation Forlle'd: elastic, full of moisture skin, facial outline.

Lift cream is designed for daily care of mature, prone to dry skin with the first signs of gravitational ptosis (violations definition of facial contours) in combination with a multi-stage cleaning system Forlle'd.

Lift cream has a nice silky texture, easily absorbed, spread evenly when applied, leaves no feeling of tightness and creates a feeling of comfort. The active components of the cream penetrate the skin, ensuring its recovery in the 3-dimensional structure, filling the unique nutrients.

Already after the first application Lift cream skin is saturated with moisture, smooth fine wrinkles, says lifting effect.

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Купила сразу два крема, и себе и маме, ей уже 62, ну и мне хотелось эффективный крем против носогубок и морщин вокруг глаз. Мне нормально хорошо увлажняет и ладно, а маме прям очень понравился, говорит лучший крем для подтягивания овала.

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