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  • ES301 Balancing cream

ES301 Balancing cream

  • Brand: ES301
  • Product Code: ES-01
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  • $75.00

Volume: 35 gr

Manufacturer: ES301

Active ingredients: squalane, vitamin E, polysaccharides, jojoba oil, royal jelly extract.

Effect: moisturizing and skin support.

Manufacturer's recommendations: for day and night care for any skin type.

What is special about moisturizing cream ES301?

ES301 moisturizing cream is designed to be used at day and night. It can be used for all skin types without exception. It feels like it has "whipped" texture, light and tender. The cream is made on the basis of squalane and therefore provides long-lasting and effective moisturizing. It copes well with the moisture balance of different parts of the face, both dry and oily, does not feel greasy or sticky. Great for combination, oily and sensitive skin.

Is ES301 Balancing cream effective?

Cream ES301 contains squalane, which helps to deeply and effectively moisturize the skin with regular application. The cream also contains active vitamin E, which has a regenerating and revitalizing effect. Herbal extracts of licorice and jojoba oil soften the skin and relieve it of irritation. And the royal jelly gives the skin a healthy colorcomplexion and helps to normalize the metabolism of skin cells.

How to use Balancing cream ES301?

ES301 cream from Japan comes with spatula spoon for easier application. The manufacturer recommends using it as a basic care in the morning and evening for any skin type.

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