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  • Bb Laboratories Emollient Lift Cream

Bb Laboratories Emollient Lift Cream

  • $150.00

Volume: 40 gr.

Manufacturer: BB Laboratories

Active ingredients: elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides.

Effect: Rejuvenates and improves skin color. Tightens the skin of the face. Anti-aging care.

Manufacturer's recommendations: use as an evening care. For anti-aging care. It is recommended to apply after lotion.

What is special about lifting cream Bb Laboratories Emollient Lift Cream?

Bb Laboratories cream has a pleasant and dense texture but no flavour. The main effect of this cream is the structuring of collagen in the upper layers of the skin due to the effect of peptides and ceramides. The cream is suitable for anti-aging care, effectively relieves flabbiness and energizes the skin with health and light from the inside. Special lipids increase the barrier functions of the skin, adding natural protection against stress and loss of moisture.

Is Bb Laboratories Emollient Lift Cream effective for lifting?

Bb Laboratories cream from Japan effectively structures collagen in the upper layers of the dermis due to the biological effects of ceramides and lipid structures on skin cells. The skin is effectively tightened, natural elasticity and healthy color return.

How to use Bb Laboratories Emollient Lift Cream correctly?

Bb Laboratories cream-lifting cream is recommended to be used in the evening; with this use, one pack is enough for two months of daily use. Better to apply after the moistening lotion of the same series.

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