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  • eCO2 GEL EX Molecular Care

eCO2 GEL EX Molecular Care

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Unique non-invasive eCO2GEL THERAPY (carboxi treatment) - an alternative to injection procedures in cosmetology eS02 GEL. TNERARU considered the biggest breakthrough in the beauty industry since the days of Botox eS02 GEL TNERARU based on the use of a transdermal delivery system active components and molecular (C02), a non-invasive way deep into skin and subcutaneous structures in high concentrations.

 1 pack for 5 times.

eS02 TNERARU is new era in practical cosmetology and regenerative medicine. During the procedure, activates blood circulation, stimipiruyutsya metabolic and reparative processes. As a result, wrinkles disappear, pigmentation, improves complexion.


eS02 GEI. TNEAARU becoming one of the most popular methods of facial rejuvenation and Tepa, one of their safety procedures in modern cosmetology. Effect after the first procedure eCO2GEL Therapy! no pain! no injections! no scalpel! Facial rejuvenation without surgery! The procedure is absolutely safe, non-toxic, has no long-term consequences. Focused on getting beautiful, youthful skin. Does not have a seasonal pattern. The procedure is recommended for all skin types, as well as the state. Can be recommended as for various skin diseases, according to a doctor's prescription and in routine care. Alternative injection procedures in cosmetology! Restoration of damaged skin after ablative cosmetic treatments (grinding, peeling and so on.)!


Indications for use eS02 TNERARU: - general aging skin, wrinkles, refresh color, color of skin - rosacea (enhanced vasculature) (spider veins) - vascular disorders, enlarged pores - redness, rosacea symptoms (acne rosacea) - Pigment e violations, including brown spots, abnormal changes in skin color, freckles - photoaging (skin aging under the influence of Upa afioletovogo radiation, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, peeling, complete withering of the skin) - sun damaged skin - Anke


Cosmetic effect of the procedure eSO2 - improving the quality and skin - rejuvenation and effect - reducing the number and severity of wrinkles - edema reduction and strengthening eye - and prevention of scars after Anke -gpubokaya restructuring and moisturizing skin - and alignment color - after insolation - relieve stress and fatigue skin compatibility procedures eS02 procedures :: - hardware cosmetology (ultrasound, microcurrents. microdermabrasion, phototherapy, laser therapy) - plastic surgery (person Blepharoplasty) - prevention of scarring and wound healing




How is the procedure: 1. Carry out a thorough make-up remover 2. Preheat the skin vaparizatorom or hot towel


Z. Mix in cosmetic containers gel (B) and pellets (A). Take a jar of component B (gel) in the amount of 25 g. (O6em per procedure), move it to the bottom of your cosmetic container. Or scissors to cut shell package and prepare the component A (pellets). In the cosmetic container add gel (B) component (pellets) shpatepem and stir until smooth (the resultant structure stored in undissolved granules)


4. Apply the prepared mask on your face using


5. Time for mask 30 minutes 7. After 30 minutes, a reconciliation of foam mask. Stand 3-5 minutes. Remove the resulting mask-film


6. Remains mask rinse with water


Result: C02 (karbokstterapiya) - one of the most effective and safe procedures in modern cosmetology. In medicine, this successfully used for baking diabetic, venous ulcers, psoriasis, joint and muscle pains. Carboxytherapy - a subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (C02) to rejuvenation, non-surgical skin, liver cellulite. stretch marks, scars, etc. W as any invasive procedure, injection carboxytherapy has delighted limitations and contraindications:, lactation, infection and inflammation at the injection, unstable angina, any acute illness, acute cerebrovascular etc.


in order to avoid complications associated with injecting C02, developed the first transdermal delivery system (DDS) active substances - non-invasive eCO2 (carboxytherapy) - transdermal absorption (penetration) C02 deep into the skin and subcutaneous structures in high concentrations. Studies in recent pet showed that age, the concentration of oxygen in the skin decreases, slowing down and all metabolic processes that are less active enzymes sclerosis vessels etc.


In Japan, the effect of carbon dioxide is a known means for improving the health and state of health of the skin, since carbon dioxide can pass through the skin and increase the oxygen supply of the skin tissues. Carbon dioxide enters the blood vessels and immediately releases oxygen from hemoglobin. The released oxygen is absorbed and then used skin cells, resulting in restoring the normal healthy skin.


Composition: Agent A (pellets), malic acid, lactose, potato starch, dextran n Agent B (gel) - Fenoksietanop granules Na, bicarbonate, Na, VO pentipen, gpikop, ala INAT, water

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