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  • Dr.Ci Labo Super Washing Foam EX 90 gr

Dr.Ci Labo Super Washing Foam EX 90 gr

  • Brand: Dr Ci: Labo
  • Product Code: DCL-12
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  • $35.00

Manufacturer: Dr.Ci Labo

Volume / Packing: 90 gr.

Active ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamins B6, P, H, glycine, alanine. Without parabens, alcohol, mineral oils

Gentle, light and pleasant facial wash with an airy texture and a pleasant smell. Carbon dioxide microbubbles have a cleansing and effective tonic effect on the skin, activating cell metabolism and tightening the skin. Clearing a face using microscopic carbon dioxide bubbles will become even more pleasant and prose.

Facial wash has a triple effect. It not only effectively cleanses the skin, but also retains moisture, as well as effectively cares and nourishes the cells of your skin, which inevitably suffer when washing. Special components soothe the skin and bring its acid-base balance in full order

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