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  • Dr.Ci Labo Enrich Lift Eye EX 15 gr

Dr.Ci Labo Enrich Lift Eye EX 15 gr

  • Brand: Dr Ci: Labo
  • Product Code: DCL-09
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  • $52.00

Manufacturer: Dr.Ci Labo

Volume / Package: 15 gr.

Active ingredients: 3 types of collagen, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, carnosine, gold and platinum nanocolloids.

Innovative development of the company Dr. SI Labo. The cream, designed specifically for the zone around the eyes with a triple effect - revitalizing, toning and tightening. The cream helps to effectively deal with age-related signs - including fine wrinkles around the eyes and sagging skin.

The skin around the eyes is characterized by an increased tendency to dry out. In addition to this, it is very thin and easily damaged. The combined effects of three types of collagen, as well as additional support for three types of hyaluronic acid provide it with sufficient hydration. Carnosine effectively rejuvenates your skin, providing it not only firmness, but also increased elasticity.

The manufacturer claims that the eye cream is able to have a unique comfortable and pleasant applicator made of a special alloy of palladium. The use of this applicator will help relieve eye fatigue and will have an additional tonic effect on the skin around the eyes due to the actions of the ions of this metal.

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