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  • Dr.Ci Labo Enrich Lift Botolium 4D Serum 18 gr

Dr.Ci Labo Enrich Lift Botolium 4D Serum 18 gr

  • Brand: Dr Ci: Labo
  • Product Code: DCL-10
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  • $117.00

Manufacturer: Dr.Ci Labo

Volume / Packing: 18 gr.

Active ingredients: peptide complex, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, gold and platinum nanocolloids, ubiquinone,

Anti-aging serum with an innovative peptide complex. The serum contains 7 organic peptide compounds of different directions, which revitalize cells, have a stimulating effect on the bloodstream, act through chemical signal systems directly on the cellular structures of the dermis, and also have a restorative effect.

This serum is considered to be the most advanced technologies of Dr Ci Labo Corporation in the field of anti-aging care. It is extremely effective for removing wrinkles around the eyes, around the lips, on the cheeks, as well as to combat other age-related changes in the skin of the face. Moisturizing is provided deep and progressive.

This serum is a kind of analogue of Botox in terms of rejuvenation and skin tightening, only absolutely safe and effective at the same time. 4D (not 3D namely 4) impact provides penetration into the deep layers of the skin and a complex effect on the entire structure of the skin with a long lasting effect

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