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  • Demarrer Placenta pro CA serum

Demarrer Placenta pro CA serum

  • Brand: Demarrer
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Demarrer Placenta pro CA serum Aging and whitening control liquid - anti-aging, whitening serum 30 g.

Highly effective anti-aging serum with a whitening effect contains the extract of damask rose and proteoglycans, mixed with an extract of horse placenta. It gently cares for the mature skin, giving it elasticity and brightness.

Moreover, stable serum contains vitamin C and arbutin.

Stable Vitamin C - APPS - a derivative of vitamin C of a new generation! It comes through the skin layers much better than traditional vitamin C.

Arbutin is a glycoside of hydroquinone. It is extracted from the leaves of bearberry and licorice root. The whitening effect is achieved by inhibiting the synthesis of tyrosinase in melanocytes and thus reducing the level of melanin. It does not cause the skin irritation and has no photosensitizing action, it can be used for a long time.

Demarrer Placenta pro CA serum penetrates deep into the skin for a long time and retains its effect. Serum is designed for the prevention of age-related changes, the treatment of oily and problem skin, as well as the treatment of rosacea. It effectively whitens the skin, blocking melanogenesis. The production of collagen is stimulated, and the skin is given the firmness and elasticity. This serum is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals and prevents the skin damage.

Ingredients: Water and damask rose water · BG · glycerol-water-soluble proteoglycan placenta extract, arbutin, palmitic acid, ascorbyl phosphate 3NA · PPG-4 ceteth -20 · DPG · ceramide 2-elastin-carbomer arginine-phenoxyethanol

How to apply the serum?

Use morning and evening.

This powerful cosmetic should be used in small doses, really little drops. Before applying please clean the skin, remove makeup and wash away dirt. Then we recommend to apply a tonic without alcohol. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you can miss this step. In addition, you can make facial peeling before applying the serum - for example, before an important event when it is necessary to quickly bring the skin in order and look great. But remember that this procedure can be done more than once a week.

Serum is better to apply while the skin is still slightly damp. In this condition the active substance penetrates more deeply into the pores. Demarrer serums are very concentrated, so they need to be applied in a small amount. Only a couple of drops on the fingertips, then distribute it on the face.

Ten minutes later, you can put on your moisturizing skin cream, it will enhance the effect and will not allow moisture to evaporate.

It's better to apply a little bit cooled cream, because the outflow of blood from the skin surface will stimulate the pentetration of the active ingredients of the serum.

Does not contain fragrances, parabens, mineral oils.

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