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  • Demarrer AHA pro serum

Demarrer AHA pro serum

  • Brand: Demarrer
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Demarrer AHA pro serum alpha Brightening and lifting control liquid - 30 ml.

Intensive anti-aging serum peeling concentrate in combination with natural gentle acids AHA, bilberry extract, sugar cane, maple syrup, orange and lemon extract is effective care for the epidermis. The serum is highly effective for increasing the elasticity in aging or dry skin.

Serum Effects:

- Deeply moisturizes dry skin

- Enhances the reproduction of the epidermis

- Inhibits the formation of melanin

- Bleaches spots, improves the complexion

- Stimulates the synthesis of ceramide action

- Struggling with acne

Ingredients: Water and damask rose water · BG · glycerol-water-soluble proteoglycan extract of bilberry extract, sugar cane, sugar maple syrup, orange extract, lemon extract, hyaluronic acid Na · 2 · ceramides behenyl Penta polyglyceryl stearic acid -10-stearoyl lactic acid Na · carbomer arginine phenoxyethanol

How to apply miracle remedy?

Use morning and evening.

These powerful drugs are used in small doses, drops. Before applying any of them need to thoroughly clean the skin, remove makeup and wash away dirt. Then it is desirable to apply a tonic without alcohol. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, this is not required. In addition, you can enhance the action a little more serum if before its application to make homemade facial peels - for example, before an important event when it is necessary to quickly bring the skin in order and look great. Repeat this procedure can be no more than once a week.

Serum was better to apply until the skin is still slightly damp. With this active substance to penetrate more deeply into the pores. Typically, these funds - not cheap, and besides they are very concentrated, so they need to put a little bit. Only a couple of drops on the fingertips, which lightly to distribute on the face.

And ten minutes later, you can put on your skin cream of the same brand, it will enhance the means and will not allow moisture to evaporate.

Better cold cream applied, because in this case there is an outflow of blood from the skin surface and penetrate deeper whey ingredients.

Does not contain fragrances, parabens, mineral oils.

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