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  • Bb Laboratories Bright Rich hand veil

Bb Laboratories Bright Rich hand veil

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Volume: 80 gr.

Manufacturer: BB Laboratories

Active ingredients: placenta, three types of hyaluronic acid, natural plant extracts.

Effect: Rejuvenates and improves skin color. Anti-aging care.

Manufacturer's recommendations: For persons under forty years to use in a two week course. After forty years, it is advisable to apply daily.

What is the feature of Bb Laboratories Bright Rich hand veil hand cream?

Hand cream by Bb Laboratories has a heavy texture, that takes long enough to absorbe. But at the same time, it has a very good composition, which can be envied by most first-class eye creams. Three types of hyaluronic acid in a complex contribute to the retention of moisturizing components, and the placenta effectively nourishes the skin and normalizes the processes of cell regeneration and division. The skin on the hands after two weeks of using this cream becomes elastic, soft and smooth.

Is Bb Laboratories Bright Rich hand veil hand cream effective?

Hand cream Bb Laboratories from Japan effectively evenes skin color, fights pigmentation on the hands, removes skin flabbiness - especially on the fingertips. Bb Laboratories hand cream includes two complementary components. First, it has the placenta for revitalization and restoration of metabolic functions in the cells. Thereby the natural skin moisturizing processes are getting started. Secondly, cream contains triple hyaluronic acid, three types of acid for more effective moisture retention.

How to use Bb Laboratories Bright Rich hand veil?

Bb Laboratories Hand Cream is recommended as follows. For persons under forty years, the manufacturer recommends to use the hand cream in two week courses with breaks between courses. Store opened cream in the refrigerator. After forty years, it is desirable to apply daily.

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