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  • Belle Fuze

Belle Fuze

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Radiotherapy, and selective elektoroporation by LED

Apparate for adjuvant therapy in the face basis, which builds on achievements of Japanese technology and medicine.

Using the machine provides fast, effective results and safety.

This machine offers the most advanced technologies, such as:

- Electroporation (EP) provides a non-invasive administration of active substances to the skin a safe and quick manner. This procedure is used by pulsed wave that controls the signal itself and saves only working pulse. Along with the introduction of non-invasive active substances into the skin at the same time the unit produces a lifting facial muscles.

- Radolifting (RF) - provides lift in deep layers, producing collagen.

  - Phototherapy (LED) -has 3 functions according to the program, the use of different LED (each 3 has a certain wave length) - infrared light (830 nm) - intensive regeneration - red light (460 nm) - biostimulation and reparation , increased intracellular metabolism and collagen synthesis - blue light (630 nm) - effective with the fight against acne

Apparate is configured to 11 programs, 6 of which are complexed:

1. EP + Led01 - speeds up the metabolism in the skin, improves blood circulation, increases the amount of collagen

2. EP + Led02 - reduces sebum, tightens pores, soothes irritation

3. EP + Led03 - penetrates to the muscular layer, activates cells of muscle fibers, resulting in muscle tone

4. RF + Led01 - stimulating blood circulation and neocollagenesis

5. RF + Led02 - struggle with acne

6. RF + Led03 - stimulates the skin tone and elasticity of the skin.

Program at the discretion:

Radioterapy - 1 program with 10 levels of exposure

Elektroporation - 1 program with 10 levels of exposure

Phototherapy -has 3 programs:

- Led01 Red light - the regeneration of skin elasticity stimulation, production of hyaluronic acid

- Led02 Blue light - reducing the secretion of sebum, anti-acne

- Led03 Infrared light - elasticity

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