RF Lifting

Modern cosmetology is developing rapidly. Because of this, women can longer maintain beauty and youth. One of the latest methods of rejuvenation that have arisen in this area was the RF-lifting - skin tightening.

Rejuvenation of the skin during the procedure is carried out due to the influence of radio waves (RF - means radio frequency), which stimulate the dermis in neocollagenesis. Due to the renewal of the structure of the hypodermis skin becomes elastic and retains this property for a long time.

When it starts warming of the upper layers of the skin, starts the process of thermolysis is the result of radio waves. Factory for the production of collagen considered skin cells called fibroblasts.

Over time, the activity of these cells is reduced, but the situation can be changed thanks to recent advances in cosmetology. Already after the first treatment the cells at an accelerated pace to produce collagen. Since these molecules appear elastin and glycosaminoglycans. As a result, people watch an amazing anti-aging effect, which is a long time.

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