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  • AMARANTH APP-C Moist Peeling

AMARANTH APP-C Moist Peeling

  • Brand: Amaranth
  • Product Code: AM-01
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  • $72.00

Volume: 200 ml.

Manufacturer: AMARANTH

Active ingredients: extract or rice powder made for Japanese sake wine, low molecular weight vitamin C, 17 plant extracts. No parabens, surfactants, alcohol, dyes. Low allergenic.

Effect: peeling rolls over the surface of the skin and gently removes particles of hardened dermis.

Recommendations: use before applying masks. After use, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing lotion.

What is the AMARANTH APP-C Moist Peeling Moisturizing Peeling Gel?

AMARANTH APP-C Moist Peeling Moisturizing Peeling Gel is a Japanese medical cosmetics that has a dual effect. Firstly, AMARANTH moisturizing peeling gel effectively cleanses your skin by removing the dead cells. Secondly, it has active ingredients that help moisturize your skin. It does not cause any itching, burning or dryness. Plus, unlike fruit acid peelings, it can be combined with almost any other cosmetic products.

When it's better to use this AMARANTH peeling?

Scientific studies and data of cosmetological clinics recommend using this peeling to reduce pores and small wrinkles on the face. This AMARANTH peeling effectively helps with a dull complexion, helping the skin to find a natural healthy color. If your skin flakes off and you have a feeling of discomfort or tightness, also pay attention to the AMARANTH soft peeling from Japan. It can be used even for very sensitive skin because it doesn't contain fruit acids. It is also worth mentioning that this peeling is effective if your foundation doesn't seem to work well enough.

How to use AMARANTH peeling from Japan?

Experts recommend peeling once or twice a week on dry, cleansed skin. For one application apply 2-3 presses of the dispenser. It is better to apply with gentle circular movements, massaging the face. Continue until you see the AMARANTH peeling rolling in small white balls. It is not recommended to apply on wet skin. After application, rinse with warm water and blot with a towel. It is possible to use AMARANTH peeling not only on the face, but also in other areas whereneeded. It rolls off very easily, does not dry or irritate the skin.

What is the composition of AMARANTH peeling from Japan?

Water, glycerine, crosslinker, chlorophyll chamomile flower extract, erica extract, fruit extract Neubara extract, Lactobacillus · hibiscus juice, Yoshino leaf extract, grape leaf · seed · skin extract, resveratrol, chest breast extract, BG, lauryl betaine, maltose, zap ah cottonseed oil, lavender oil, hydrogenated castor oil PEG-40, isopropanol, cyclodextrin, maltosylcyclodextrin, maltosylcyclodextrin, phenoxyethanol.

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