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  • Airweave Premium mattress - from Japan (98 X 195 X 3 cm)

Airweave Premium mattress - from Japan (98 X 195 X 3 cm)

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Chosenby Olympic athletic for high performance

With the unique design and materials, airweavehas become a favorite among top amateur and professional athletes from aroundthe world. In 2013, airweave became an official sponsor of IMG Academy, a leading sports training institute. All dormitory beds at theacademy are furnished with airweave bedding toppers. Olympic ice dancers Meryl Davis & CharlieWhite, gold medalists in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, use airweave toget an optimal night’s sleep before their performances.


Found in 5 star hotels.

Luxury hotels are famous for offeringpremium comfort, and they set the highest standards within the industry forsleep experience. airweave is proud to be a part of those standards. Airweave mattress topper can now be found in high-end hotels, such as Four Seasons HotelTokyo at Marunouchi, The Ritz Carlton Shanghai Pudong, The Ritz-Carlton BeijingFinancial Street.

Selected for Japan Air Lines Business Class.

Selected for JAL’s international flight JAL SKY SUITE777 seats, our custom-designed mattress toppers and pillows ensure a comfortableand supportive sleep experience for its international first class andbusiness-class* passengers.

*airweave congratulates JAL’s SKY SUITE, named “BestBusiness Class Airline Seat” at SKYTRAX’s 2013 World Airline Awards.


For your best possible quality sleep

We believe, a good night’s sleep should bemore than just a dream.

The secret to the airweave sleep experience lies inthe high resilience of the materials used in this product. This innovative mattress topper was designed that features three-dimensional entwined resinfibers, which provide comfort and support to your body throughout the night. This topper has also been praised for its breathable construction, whichdisperses heat and moisture generated by the body during a typical night’ssleep.

After the initial launch in 2007, airweave has becomeone of the Japan’s best-selling mattress topper brands and supplier to topinternational athletes, luxury hotels and world class commercial airlines foruse in their first-class and business-class cabins.


Evaluated in a sleep assessment study

Under the advice of Professor Seiji Nishino, M.D.,Ph.D. (certified physician of sleep medicine, JSSR member of editorial board),researchers measured the brain waves and deep body temperatures of sleepsubjects using the airweave mattress topper as part of a quality of sleepassessment. Subjects exhibited a steady drop in deep body temperature duringthe earliest phases of sleep on the airweave mattress topper indicating sleepin the deep, slow-wave sleep region. Researchers found the airweave mattresstopper promoted a high-quality sleep.

Airweave was developed from researching the science ofpressure dispersion performance. Using state-of-the-art technology, airweavecreated a new sleep experience based on the invention of a mattress topper thathelps the support of conventional spring and urethane mattress.


Do not miss you chance! Only 500 mattresses are made everyMonth! 


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