Japanese facial serum: their characteristics and methods of application.

Japanese facial serums appeared on the market for a long time. However, they have gained special popularity in recent years due to their high efficiency, innovative compositions and truly therapeutic properties for restoring, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Serums are often more effective than traditional methods of care, and often complement them, making up one of the stages of complex care in a particular series.

What is the peculiarity of Japanese serum for the face?

Japanese face serums are a concentrate of useful and natural substances in the purest form. In most high-quality facial serums from Japan there are no ballast substances, the serum is effectively and easily absorbed by the skin. The ingredients of real Japanese whey are always natural, produced exclusively in Japan according to the strictest international quality control standard. Sera have a targeted effect. Japanese manufacturers develop them for the purpose of base impact and supporting impact. Serums can be aimed at nourishing the skin, at lightening and fighting pigment spots, at tightening facial contours, as well as at deep moisturizing of the skin. A part of the sera is produced specifically for procedural effects, used as a gel when applying cosmetic devices - say, Axxzia or La Menta cosmetics serum. Japan sera is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation and inflammation. They do not mask and do not hide problems, but solve them by working with the deeper layers of the skin of the face.

What are the active ingredients in Japanese facial serums?

The composition of facial serums from different manufacturers includes a variety of components. The most exotic include stem cells, extracts from bovine blood and even real gold. However, most of the sera are traditional - mainly include collagen to moisturize the skin, hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, vitamin C against skin pigmentation - in this case, the classic Perennial Best Seller Japan serum Obadji with vitamin C, as well as protein structures and peptides for deep nutrition and complex recovery of cells from damage and stress.

All kinds of plant extracts, which are found in abundance in many facial serums from Japan, effectively soften the skin and rejuvenate it by activating their own hidden reserves. Serums also often contain B vitamins and especially Vitamin E, which promotes the regeneration of derma cells.

How to choose a Japanese serum for the face that suits you?

In Japan, a lot of serums are produced that can be bought on the market. Before you choose a serum for the face - stop and think about what parameters are important to you? What exactly do you want to get? Start from the age - this is the most important. Usually, each serum has some recommendations on age. They should not be neglected. Next, pay attention to the type of serum you need - what do you want to achieve and what problems to solve? Do you need serum for dry skin, for oily skin, for problem skin? Is it necessary for rejuvenation? Most serums give a moisturizing effect. Special attention should be paid if you need a lifting effect. Also, do not forget about the time of year when you plan to use whey - in summer it is desirable that it has a UV protection factor (or combine it with sanskrin), and in winter we recommend denser dense textures to more effectively protect the skin from drying out.

How to use Japanese serum for the face?

Experts recommend to remove makeup before applying the serum and clean the face. It is always recommended to apply serum on clean, dry skin, unless otherwise specified in the instructions. Before applying the serum, you can use cleansing lotion or peeling. In the process of applying the serum should be applied with light movements, avoid getting the serum in the eyes, a small amount of serum should be used per application, just a few drops. After complete absorption of the serum, it is advisable to apply additional moisturizing care.

Most cosmetics series from Japan offer comprehensive care. You can choose a cream that will achieve maximum effects when applied after a serum from the same cosmetic line. With this method of care, the maximum possible synergistic effect is achieved through the use of a full range of active biological components selected in optimal combination in one or another line.

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