Japanese cosmetics for eyes: professionals's choice

Japanese eye makeup is the best choice for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes. The eyes are the mirror of your soul, and the makeup around the eyes enhances your beauty. The eyes of a woman make her irresistible and unique. Charm men and envy other women. The shape and color of the eyebrows strongly affect the overall impression. That is why it is so important to devote enough time to make-up around the eyes and hone your skills in applying it.

Remember, when applying makeup around the eyes, including using Japanese eye care products, there is one important and fundamental rule - naturalness. In no case can not be like a doll, allowing excessive makeup and unnatural appearance. You are truly beautiful. Your beauty is inside you and you need to emphasize it, not hide and paint over. The following beauty assistants will help you with this:

- Eyebrow pencil

- Eyebrow Shadows

- eyebrow mascara

Beauty assistants for the eyes.

Eyebrow pencil helps to outline the contours of the eyebrows, to make them more clear and rich. It is recommended to outline from the arch of the eyebrows directly to the outer edge, with neat and even movements. When completed, change directions and move against hair growth to the inner edge of the brow.

Eyebrow shades help to improve the overall impression and visual effect, effectively smoothing out sharp contours. Eyebrow shades from Japan give a special softness and specific shading effect. Shadows help to more effectively identify the natural shape of the eyebrows and their natural beauty. Without any frills and without wasting time and effort on unnecessary operations. Simple, fast and efficient.

Brow mascara is used less frequently than pencil and eye shadow. But it is important to understand that it is the mascara for eyebrows that completes the makeup of the eyebrows and draws up the final impression of others. Apply mascara is recommended from the inner corner of your eyebrows to the outer, and then vice versa. In the process of applying, we recommend slightly combing the hairs of the eyebrows. This will provide a more saturated and color and improve the overall impression. Mascara not only completes eyebrow makeup, but also makes it more stable for a long time.

Practice more often and soon you will become a real professional make-up artist, understanding the intricacies of eyebrow and eyelash care, better than many employees of beauty salons. Remember - your eyes are a window into your inner world. And he, as the main value, deserves the best.

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