Spring Skin Care from FORLLE'D

Already over the winter, a time when our skin undergoes multiple stresses due to temperature changes, wind, and other external factors. Start the spring season, many women are greeted with some tension - the skin becomes dry, not enough vitamins and minerals, etc. It's time to support the body and help in the professional cosmetics FORLLE'D.. Preparations produced under this trademark in Japan. The main difference lies in FORLLE'D means that they contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. For the development of this component scientist Koichi Tanaka won the Nobel Prize. So do not doubt the quality of the products FORLLE'D - cosmetics from the Land of the Rising Sun is known for its efficiency and absolute security for your health.

More FORLLE'D consider the action means. They include nanomolecules Hyalogy (microparticles of hyaluronic acid). Thanks to its tiny size and unique structure, the substance penetrates deep into the skin cells, moisturizes them perfectly and naturally retaining moisture. With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis is significantly reduced, which is a major cause of skin aging. A seasonal factors only exacerbate this process. FORLLE'D Cosmetics helps to renew the balance, launches cell regeneration mechanism that prevents aging and improves skin condition after the winter.

Which means FORLLE'D may be advisable for the off-season? Our selection - Hyalogy P-effect nourishing cream. Besides the already mentioned nanomolecules Hyaluron, this cream FORLLE'D include coenzyme Q10. In the spring our skin is necessary not only moisture, but also protection against toxins. Coenzyme has pronounced antioxidant effect. Also as part of the drug have FORLLE'D squalane, pleasant emollient, providing the power. A Hydrolyzed Elastin makes the skin more elastic and young, creating a lifting effect. It is worth noting that the nourishing cream is recommended for use FORLLE'D shoppers of any age with any type of skin. The product has a pleasant texture, is well absorbed.

As a complement it should be noted that FORLLE'D cosmetics is suitable not only for food and moisture. Highly recommended funds to cleanse the skin, which is famous for FORLLE'D brand.

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