Daily skin cleansing: Japanese approach.

Daily skin cleansing is a very important and necessary stage of complex face care. Regular cleansing is essential for maximum moisturizing and nourishing care. After all, even the most expensive creams may not show sufficient effect, if before their application was not performed the correct and proper cleansing of the skin. The basic approach to cleansing is very simple.

How to carry out basic cleaning and washing the skin?

How to properly clean the skin to achieve the best results, while maintaining its healthy and in good shape? There are only three basic rules, they are quite simple and by following them you can easily achieve the desired result from the use of Japanese cleansers and other cosmetics in a very short time. So:

  • Follow the rules of exposure along the massage lines of the face so as not to damage the skin and not cause negative reactions.
  • Perform regular cleansing, do not forget or skip the cleansing procedures. Take for yourself this daily rule, as is the case with clean teeth.
  • Pay attention to your skin type when choosing a particular cleansing agent - this will guarantee the optimal effect in your particular case.

But it is important to understand that competently cleansing is desirable to be carried out twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. And each time has its own peculiarities and subtleties. Let's turn to each type of cleansing and to those points that Japanese cosmetologists recommend to follow when using cleansing products from Japan.

Morning and evening skin cleansing: the approaches and subtleties of care.

Morning cleansing is necessary and important for healthy skin and maintaining it in good condition. You may ask why. At night, you did not go anywhere, your skin was not exposed to dust, there was no cosmetics on it, etc. Yes, all this is true, but the sebaceous and sweat glands of the skin worked hard, and the biological processes of moisturizing and regeneration took their course, because it is important to clean the skin every morning.

Japanese cosmetologists recommend at the very beginning to wash with warm water, which will help to effectively influence the layer of fat and sweat. Warm water will also help to expand the pores, opening them for the next stage - the use of cleanser. Then apply a cleanser, and in the end, wash with cold water for additional effects on the pores of the skin, narrowing them. Thus, you need a three-step impact:

  • Washing with warm water
  • Applying cleanser
  • Washing with cold water.

In the case of evening care, its necessity raises no questions. All day you were on your feet and were running around on business, there is a layer of cosmetics or its remnants on the skin, as well as dust and dirt particles. And this is an ideal environment for the development of bacteria, and therefore for skin inflammation.

Begin cleansing from the eyes and lips, and then go to the face. Do not forget to replace the cotton pads when they become dirty, because such an effect to the skin is not beneficial. With evening care, we recommend trying the latest Japanese market in recent years, for example, cleansing gel for removing makeup and skin care.

How to choose Japanese remedies for daily cleansing?

Let's try to see what are the popular and interesting tools for cleansing and removing makeup and what should be guided when choosing a tool that is right for you.

  • Try the Wasser Water with Hydrogen Ions, an effective remedy for cleansing and restoring skin with eighteen amino acids, which effectively normalizes the acid balance of the skin of the face.
  • Pay attention to the cleansing delicate soap with whitening therapeutic effect from the Laennec diamond series from the manufacturer JBP. This soap whitens the skin and promotes revitalization and rejuvenation of the deep layers of the skin.
  • Try Japanese bestseller - Suissai powder for washing and deep cleansing of the skin. Powder
  • After washing, please treat yourself with Hyaluronic water - a special lotion for revitalization and complex moisturizing of the skin.

Remember, regularity and a systematic approach are important in cleansing. Do not forget to take care of your skin every day and she will answer you the same. Love your skin, love yourself and enjoy life every day

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