Shiseido - history and philosophy

The Japanese Shiseido brand is widely known throughout the world. Probably, he is also well known and well known in almost any country, like the automaker Toyota or Sony Corporation. The difference between Shiseido is that it is not a technological brand and its main area of ​​expertise is high-quality and affordable cosmetics. Shiseido cosmetics popular in Japan and in many countries around the world. But it is in Japan that the highest quality goods are produced and supplied to the domestic market, which is different from everything that is produced for export to other countries.

Shiseido produces not only affordable and inexpensive cosmetics. They also produce expensive premium products for high-end use, such as Cle de Peau. We should also mention their high-tech developments, such as d-program serum. Brand Shiseido exists for more than a hundred years. During this time, a huge store of knowledge, development and experience has been accumulated, the results of which are enjoyed by women around the world. Why did Shiseido cosmetics achieve such success? Let's try to answer this question.

History of Shiseido: Meiji Heirs

The brand of cosmetics Shiseido appeared in 1872. Initially, the company was engaged in pharmaceutical activities and these developments were in charge of protecting the health and beauty of the skin, and also helped to make Shiseido care even more effective. Initially, the company sold medicines and hygiene products, but since the end of the 19th century, it has mainly shifted its focus to cosmetic products. Cosmetics Shiseido absorbed basic pharmaceutical knowledge, the installation of oriental medicine, as well as the latest Western technology, which Japan actively borrowed at the end of the XIX-th - the beginning of the XX-th centuries. In the 1910s, the corporation began selling first perfumes, and cosmetic lines for a full and comprehensive care from Shiseido appeared already in the late 1920s. The militarization of the country and the ensuing war stopped this growth and caused serious damage to the concern. However, by the 1970s, Shiseido restored its former strength and began active expansion into foreign markets. First of all, to Europe and the USA.

Principles of corporate governance in Shiseido.

The Shiseido company is primarily focused on the exceptional quality of the goods, achieved through hard work and hard work. Such an approach to business provides stability and sustained development that ensure corporate stability. Due to this, respect for customers and beneficial co-existence and co-prosperity of the company and its most important asset - regular customers and consumers is achieved.

The Shiseido company values ​​creativity and innovation in all endeavors - especially in cosmetology developments. In the process of production and development of new cosmetic products, Shiseido focuses solely and exclusively on proven medical and cosmetological formulas, following the ancient rule - “do no harm”. In addition to this, the concern Shiseido adjusts its rulers depending on the needs and characteristics of a particular market. Takes into account the peculiarities of the skin, climate, as well as the demand of the local population.

Innovation and tradition by Shiseido.

The Shiseido company initially declared itself as a market leader. In Japan, they didn’t have enough strong competitors. Shiseido and sub-brands of cosmetics of the concern are truly the national cosmetics brand of Japan. They are presented everywhere - and in pharmacies, and in supermarkets, and even in small convenience stores. The most expensive products are sold through the chain store, special franchise stores and distributors of this brand throughout Japan. Such a system makes it possible to try and test expensive cosmetics before purchasing.

In the case of foreign markets, everything was different. First, nobody knew about Japanese cosmetics and did not hear. Secondly, in Europe and the States there were a lot of local producers, because the road itself was almost cut through. When the brand entered the world market, Shiseido appealed primarily to Japanese traditions. Shiseido used traditional motifs in packaging and in promoting goods in a rather aggressive manner. At the same time, as mentioned earlier, the brand adjusted to the needs of local markets and localized line. When going abroad, Shiseido faced the danger of cannibalizing his own goods, as well as the problems of brand erosion - when a cheap product caused damage to the premium, reducing its value, and when the faithful customers of one line started using another, similar, bringing down sales first. However, the management of Shiseido coped with these problems without any particular problems, dividing the goods into sub-brands and clearly outlining the audience of this or that cosmetic product.

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